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This is a quarterly program where I come out and inspect and fertilize all the palms on site. I use a high quality 100 % natural / organic fertilizer formulated especially for palms. If there are disease or insect problems that need to be treated I provide brief written recommendations. I can also supply a professional pest control company to use. I also communicate when the palms should be trimmed and supply several trimming company options to the client to insure the work is done properly and in a sanitary manner - this is critical in preventing the spread of the fatal Fusarium Wilt disease in your Canary palms. The cost for this service depends on the number and size of palms involved and where the site is located. 
The charge for this varies depending on how many palms are involved, where the site is located (travel time involved) and the length of time spent on the site. My hourly rate is currently 200.00 per hour. 
Palm Trunk Sounding
Palm Inspections / Disease Diagnosis / Site Evaluation with a report
Palm Inspection / Fertilization Program
This is a process where I visually examine and physically sound the trunks of large palms to determine if fungal rot and cavities are present. The disease I am looking for is called Stem Bleeding disease. Determining the stability and safety of large palms is very important especially if the palms are located where there are potential targets such as people, cars and buildings. 
Certification for Fusarium-Free Canary Palms - Over 1500 Inspected 
Palm Tagging and Species Selection
Estate Management - Palm Collection Management
Professional Witness Services for Court 
Palm Planting and Irrigation Diagrams
Architectural Plan Checks