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About MTR Horticulture, Inc.
​The President of  MTR Horticulture is  Mark T. Robinson. Mark is a Horticulturist / Palm Specialist / Arborist that specializes in consulting on palms. He graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture. After university he worked in golf course construction and maintenance for 11 years as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent and Golf Course Superintendent. He worked at Bear Creek Golf Club in Temecula, Dove Canyon Golf Club in Orange County,  Mission Hills Golf Club in Bangkok, Thailand and Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach. After that Mark worked as an estate manager for 5 years on a 10 acre property in Rancho Santa Fe where we had 5 full time gardeners and an extensive collection of large specimen palms, cycads and tropical plants including 35 Canary Island Date palms. For the last 15 years he has operated a private consulting firm focused on palms. In that time he has done over 1500 site evaluations and has written over 850 professional reports concerning palm disease and palm culture. The geographical area that Mark has worked in includes up and down the state of California, Arizona and Nevada.

Although Mark does deal with many types of palm diseases and disorders, one of the main diseases he deals with is the fatal, fungal disease called Fusarium Wilt on Canary Island Date palms. 
           This is Fusarium Wilt disease on Canary Island Date palms